Did you know that the College Graduate averages $54,000 in College Tuition Debt?  Did You know that 42% of Academic Qualifiers from 2017 and before would be Ineligible by the new NCAA Academic guidelines in 2018?

Solution… Our Be Bold Academic Plan

ONLY Service in the Country to Help Evaluate your son/daughter’s High School Transcript after their Freshman year.

ONLY Expert Academic Coaching Staff in the Country with over 75 years of NCSS experience to give your son/daughter the individual Academic Plan for the Road to success to earn a Scholarship!

OVER 6 Million Dollars in Academic and Athletic Aid over the past 2 years!

SUPPORT for both Athletic and Academic Scholarships!

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4 Step Process:

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  2. Upload your transcript.
  3. Provide or Upload your ACT/SAT Results
  4. Evaluation/Assessment by our Expert Academic Coaching Staff

Tremain Hall – Former NFL Player
Graduated from NC State

“Be Bold Academic Plan is a Game Changer to Qualify for a Division 1 or 2 Scholarship. The Academic Scholarship Plan for attending a Division 3 School is Second to none in the Country!