Make Plays Coaching Leadership Implementation Process

“Coach Wade, our team is struggling severly right now. We do not have any accountability for our actions, there is so much negativity and we have to change…We need your help please.”

“ We have administered a survey and the results are very dissapointing. We have very little respect and trust on our team.”

We have heard this often from different companies/teams and is one of the largest challenges in business/athletics today. How is your company or team going to build a great culture without respect and trust?

Starts with Communication….that Simple..not Easy…!

Make Plays Today Leadership Implementation Process is unique to Wade O’Connor Associates and is being practiced by some of the most successful and admired organizations in the Midwest.

The Process involves three steps that are implemented in Our CVA Plan:

  • Communication: Creating a Positive Culture
  • Vision: Identifying the gaps
  • Action: Eliminate the gaps and focus on Results


Included in the Implementation Process:

  • Communication: When a Business/Team has “gaps” in Communication, negativity fills that Gap. We will serve the needs of our clients by training the team with Make Plays Today Leadership and the necessary leadership skills and behavior to change the culture.
  • Vision: Identifying the “Gaps” with our Team Assessment Evaluation (TEA) developed by Wade O’Connor Associates. Our Unique TEA tool clearly identifies the “gaps” between the where the manager needs to be the leader vs. their actual level of commitment as the leader.
  • Action: We will work Together to eliminate the “gaps” and focus on Results. We will establish short term and long term goals, Individually and as a Team. Teamwork will make our Dream Work with OUR Action Plan Together!
  • Included in the Process is the continued leadership development that includes:
    • Leadership Skills
    • Character Development
    • Individual/Team Training
    • Accountability Team Review

Contact us at 937 499-4345 or email for additional details if you are interested in the Make Plays Coaching Leadership Workshops and Consulting.