We here to help Anyone with Drug and Alcohol addiction.  We guarantee you EVERY CONVERSATION is under the Promise of Anonymity between Coach Wade, your family and/or our Expert Staff member.

Our team of experts will coach you using a Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical approach in order to adopt a successful wellness lifestyle recommending professional Help from our Team Partners.

What is your purpose and the meaning of life?  We will help you with achieving your short term/long term goals and a daily/weekly/monthly calander with specific objectives to achieve those goals together.

How we feel about ourselves, self-esteem .No One should feel Hopeless, Unwanted or UnLoved!

Health of both the body and mind.  We will help develop a plan to self care on a daily basis.

Coach Wade’s Story – “Pain to Purpose”

Coach Wade has been sober since June 24, 2013, and is here to help you. Coach Wade was admitted to Gosnold on Cape Cod where he completed 5 days of detox and 28 days of residential treatment.

Parents biggest fear/desperation is losing their child, and have no idea where to turn for help and support. Coach Wade and his staff have impacted and helped people who suffered from drug and alcohol addiction all over the country. We have partnered with The Plymouth House, which is practical program in a highly structured environment. The Plymouth House Extended Care is specifically designed to prepare each guest for success when they move on to the greater independence of sober living.  For more information please visit

Contact us at 937-499-4345 or email for additional details.  We guarantee  EVERY CONVERSATION is under the giuse of anonymity between Coach Wade and/or expert staff memeber.